International Relations

Contact : Dr Gilbert Viguie
Tél: (00 33) 4 78 77 86 77

The notoriety of the Lyon Dental Faculty has allowed it to sign nine new permanent long-term agreements.  In addition, it participates in several international punctual exchanges:
Belgium Brussels  Socrates
Canada Toronto Research
Italy Turin Socrates
Israel - Jerusalem  Teaching+Research
Switzerland Geneva Teaching+Research
Senegal - Dakar  Post-Graduate

The SOCRATES exchange program (formerly called ERASMUS) assists students in obtaining scholarships to study in a foreign (European) country.  The agreements signed between universities allows students to validate their studies and receive ECTS credits.  When the student successfully completes the required number of credits, his/her year of studies is equivalent to one year in France. This program is for students who choose to participate and is open to those in 3rd year, 2nd cycle of Dental studies for a period of three months.

In the framework of the European program SOCRATES, the Dental Faculty of Lyon is developing relationships with several schools including:

Mayence (Germany)       Brussels (Belgium)
Turin (Italy)                     Lodz (Poland)  

Non-SOCRATES programs are open to teaching-research personnel and students in several universities including:  

Sofia (Bulgaria)        Beirut (Lebanon)          Dakar (Senegal)        
Jerusalem (Israel)     Lasi (Romania)             Damas (Syria)  

University Claude Bernard-Lyon 1's International Programs' office is very active, and includes a Health Studies branch at the Rockefeller Medical school site.  They assist foreign students and professors and French students wishing to study or do internships in foreign universities (scholarships, administrative steps to take etc.).