The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 offers both scientific and medical degree programs and is one of the largest universities in France.

It includes more than
28,000 students
2,000 teaching/research  and research staff among the 96 units of contract research.
1,200 engineering, administrative and technical staff
The 2 main sectors at UCBL Lyon 1 are
-Science and Technology
-Health Sciences

The Science and Technology sector is based mainly on the La DOUA campus and is composed of UFRs (teaching and research units) and of science, as well as, the school of Physical Education (STAPS) departments.  It also includes an engineering school (ISTIL) and two technological institutes (IUT).

The Health Science Sector prepares:
The degree of Doctor in Medicine in four different medical UFRs
- Lyon Grange Blanche, at the Rockefeller site
- Lyon Nord, Rockefeller site
- Lyon Laënnec, La Buire site
- Lyon Sud, Lyon Sud Hospital site

The degree of Doctor in Pharmacy, Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, Rockefeller site

The degree of Doctor in Dental Surgery, the URF of Dentistry, La Buire site.

The Health Sciences sector also offers the possibility to study:

In the paramedical domain: speech therapy, orthoptist, psychomotricity, audio-prosthesis, masso-linesitherapie/physical therapy and ergo therapy at the Institute for Techniques of Rehabilitation

Human Biology: Masters, Pre-doctorate etc.

UCBL is headed by a president who is elected for a 5-year term.  The current president is Professor  Lionel COLLET , elected in 2006.