Research activities have always been an important factor, bringing value to the Lyon Dental Faculty.

Several members of the teaching staff are part of two laboratories which have contracts with the Faculty, and others are  part of external laboratories.

These research laboratories are essential as hosting structures, as well as providing training for future teachers (Masters, PhD, HDR).

Contract Research Laboratories of the Lyon 1 Dental Faculty

"Odontoblasts, Immune response and pulp-dentin healing" group
Director: Pr Françoise BLEICHER

Laboratory of Interface and Biofilm in Dentistry          
Director: Pr. Jean Jacques MORRIER.

Teaching Staff carrying out a research activity in an external contracted research laboratory

Denis BOURGEOIS (PU-PH, sub section 56 03)
Theme : Development of original computer modelling  centered on learning and help in decision making, in particular in the healthcare domain.
Health system analysis laboratory, CNRS UMR 5823, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Jean-Loup COUDERT (PU-PH sub section 57 02)
Theme : Clinical research on Scanner X imagery in Dentistry : analysis of images and three-dimensional reconstruction to assist in diagnosis and therapy in oral surgery and in ODF.
Odontology department of the Lyon Civil Hospices

Thomas FORTIN (MCU-PH sub section 57 02)
Theme: Radiology and medical imagery in relation to oral surgery.
Laboratory TIMC - UMR 5525, Grenoble Medical Faculty - Head: Professor J. DEMONGEOT.

Catherine MILLET (PU-PH, sub section 58 02)
Theme: Cardio-vascular deconditonning and orthostatic intolerance observed after prolonged confinement.
Physiology of the Environment Laboratory, EA 645, Grange Blanche Medical Faculty Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Claire PERNIER (MCU-PH, sub section 56 02)
Theme : Development of dispositions regarding disposal of antiseptics.
Industrial Galenical Pharmacy Laboratory, EA 3741, Lyon Pharmacy Faculty - Head - Professor F. FALSON.

Olivier ROBIN (PU-PH, sub section 58 03)
Theme: Sensorial analysis in orofacial physiology.  Evaluation of neurovegetative responses to olfactory and gustative stimulations.
INSA Lyon, LPM UMR CNRS 5511, Microsensor and biomedical microsystems team - Head: Dr A. DITTMAR.