Continuing Education

Continuing Education in Dentistry:
These courses are directed to for practitioners wishing to gain knowledge in all of the Dental domains. Each session may be paid for by the FIF-PL.

2004-2005 University Year:

Session 1
- Incisions and sutures in periodon tology
Session 2
- The medical-legal obligations of a dentist or how to avoid problems

Session 3
- Lyonnais College University evening on medical continuing education : Your prescription and later...what the pharmacist never dared tell you

Session 4
- Oral medicine and surgery

Session 5
- Professional practice and legal responsibilities of the orthodontist

Session 6
- Prevention and management of emergencies in a dental office
Session 7
- Treatment for infected immature teeth; the keys to success

Session 8
- Ceramic crowns and ceramic facets

Session 9
- Prescriptions in the dental office

Session 10
- Periodontal pathologies and ODF Retained Teeth

Session 11
- Mechanical endodontics and whitening available to everyone
Session 12
- Temporo-mandibular disorders : up-to-date information-therapeutic uses

Practical Modalities:
Information: Josianne MOUNIEE
Tel.: 00 33 478 77 86 81
Fax: 00 33 478 77 86 96

 Place: Lyon Dental Faculty
Head: Dr. Jean-Pierre DUPREZ
Validation : Certificate of the internship for each session
Certificate of end of program (six sessions)