The Dental Museum

The Lyon Dental Museum was created in 1979 by three dental surgeons tied to the faculty: François Brunner, François Devars and François Emptoz.  Thanks to the constant support from the profession, University, Dental Faculty and the Lyon Hospitals, the collections and library were contributed to and the museum has become a world reference amongst dental museums. 

musée dentaireThe museum is housed in the dental faculty in a room where the tools which have accompanied dentists in the art of dentistry are exposed either in show cases devoted to different themes (operative dentistry, surgery, prosthesis, orthodontics, anesthesia, and hygiene)or depictions of scenes of the 1900s, with dental offices and prosthesis laboratories, with the famous painting by Madam Durif-Bedel.

There is also a library with works and original documents, as well as a reserve where material having marked the 20th century is stocked.

Musée dentaire 2Although the museum is oriented towards the heritage of dentistry, as the library and reserves attest, it also contributes to the faculty's research and publication activity through the thesis, publications and exhibitions in the national and international conferences.  The museum's curators, François Brunner, François Devars, François Empotz and Alain Huet wish to continue and expand their work.


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