Center for Care, Teaching and Dental Research



In 1891 Dr. Gaspard GUILLOT created a dispensary in Lyon, The Center for dental treatment.  The Lyon Dental school was founded in 1899 by Drs. Gaspard GUILLOT and Albéric PONT.  This private school was administered by the Association of the Dentists of the Rhöne region and there were nine students in its first graduating class.

From the beginning it was obvious that the dispensary and the school were a necessity as numerous patients and students came flowing in.. 
On April 29th 1908 the Dental School was state-approved.  This popularity forced the dispensary to change locations and Dr. Albéric PONT decided to have a Dental school built. A competition of architects was organized to choose the building's plan.  Michel ROUX SPITZ's design won and the Clinical Center for Dental Treatment was inaugurated in October 1928 at 8-9 place Depéret in the 7th district.

In 1965 a decree appeared establishing the CSERD = Center for Dental Care, Teaching and Research and corresponding to the union of national schools for Dental Surgery and the Service for Dental Consultation and Treatment.

In 1970 a ministerial decision established the l'UER: Unity of Teachings and Research in Dental Sciences.  The Dental School thus became a UER and was part of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, while the Service for Dental Consultation and Treatment was incorporated with the Lyon Civil Hospices.  The UER found its new home at the La Buire site.

In 1986 The Teaching and Research Unity became the Unity for Training and Research: UFR or the Dental Faculty.



On September 6th, 1974 an agreement was signed between the Lyon Center for Dental Care, Teaching and Research, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the Civil Hospices of Lyon.  This agreement defines the Dental Faculty's organization:

            -Theoretical, practical and tutorial courses (UFR) are the responsibility of the La Buire site

            -The clinical courses are the responsibility of the Dental Consultations and Treatment Service, Lyon Civil Hospices, Place Depéret.