The Language Department

The students at La Buire have a langauge center at their disposal managed by the Language department of the university (SCEL= Service Commun de l'enseignement des langues). This department is centralized at the La DOUA site and has different sites located at: Lyon Sud, Rockefeller, Gerland and La Buire.

The language center at La Buire consists of 2 classrooms located on the third fl oor of the Dental faculty:

  • 1 classroom 
  • 1 multimedia/class roo

The Multimedia room is equipped with:

10 televisions/VCRs connected to the ASTRA and EUTELSAT satellites, allowing students to watch foreign news channels: Skynews, BBC world, CNN, Raï, TV5.
15 computers with Internet access
Cdroms: Voicebook and TOEFL
 Periodicals (The Hearld Tribune) in English + reference dictionaries

The head of the La Buire site is Ms. B. SCHAFF.

The computer room This room is located on the third fl oor and is equipped with 20 computers, including Internet access and is supervised by tutors. It is open to students