Why is it opportunity to be an intern ?

  •  To deepen one's knowledge and experience in the discipline of one's choice without immediately having to take the plunge in private practice.
  •  To care for patients in a global fashion and with a certain autonomy, while still being able to take advantage of the teaching structure.
  •  To be able to prepare at the same time as the internship, a Masters or Maîtrise certificate, as the internship offers the possibility to obtain an equivalence of one certificate.
  •  To prepare scientific conferences with one's own illustrations and adjoining bibliography.
  • To gain optimal clinical competences.

Four paths are possible after the internship:

A hospital-university career.

A career in a hospital by becoming a hospital practitioner non-CHU (city hospital) in the Dental Services.
In the majority of cases, these services collaborate with a Faculty and welcome T1 students or interns (e.g. the Dijon hospitals for the Lyon Faculty). 
-  The Orthodontics specialty (CECSMO). 
-  Private practice.

In all of the above cases, the intern must also defend his/her Doctoral thesis in Dental Surgery.

At present, a large number of former interns, either former assistants or not, are moving towards either: 
- A full-time hospital position. 
- More generally a part-time hospital post in a hospital's dental service. 
-  Today, half are MCU-PH in their faculty of origin. 
-  A few are in private practice.